Aiki Jutsu


Aiki Jutsu is a softer style of martial arts that uses the other person's momentum against them. It uses circular techniques to redirect the energy and to use that against the attacker. This energy is transformed to joint locks, body throws, and take downs, ending with submission joint pins or chokes.

That was the softer side of the style. If we would like to be more violent with the attacker, if that is what the situation calls for, then we can include strikes to certain target areas, create a more vicious throw where the attacker will land harshly on the ground, we can apply more pressure to the choke to cause the attacker to pass out, or we can take the joint lock to the next level to cause a break in the arm, wrist, or leg depending on the lock.

Steven Segal uses many of these techniques. You can see him breaking wrists, throwing people through the air, and applying chokes. This style is safe to practice, but we all know the danger that an attacker would be in if they try to attack any of us.

Aiki Jutsu is a great style by itself, but when combined with a hard style it can be very vicious. You have the control to be nice to your opponent or be very aggressive.

Mr. Gillenwater trained Mr. Hanford in the Aiki Jutsu style. Mr. Hanford was the uke (attacker) for Mr. Gillenwater on many of the techniques he was performing while developing his Kenji Ryu Aiki Jutsu. With the passing of Mr. Gillenwater in 2015, Mr. Brad Arnold is the Soke-dai (successor) for Kenji Ryu. Mr. Hanford teaches a very similar version to the Kenji Ryu he was originally taught, while mixing in some hard style concepts for realistic applications along with a more in depth detail of why the techniques lock up the body. 


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