2024 Group Picture

Group picture at 1pm on Sunday, February 25th at the North Webster Community Center. Wear your WHITE uniform for the group picture, but you can bring your red and black uniforms as well. Show up ahead of time or stay after for your individual picture.

Closed Tuesday, January 23rd

Wawasee¬† and Whitley closed today, Tuesday January 23rd due to the slick road conditions. Although the roads might be better as the day warms up, we have a rule in place and must follow it. If 1 person were to get in an accident because their road didn’t thaw, then we would feel bad for still having classes. When Wawasee closes due to weather, then the North Webster location also close, also when Whitley Schools close then our Columbia City classes are cancelled.

Closed Monday, January 22nd

With Wawasee canceling their after school activities due to the potential weather coming in, Lions Karate will also be closed the rest if the day today, Monday, January 22nd