Alliance Membership

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Lions Karate will be offering a completely OPTIONAL point circuit for the 2021 Tournament season for the Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio region (click here). The Martial Arts Alliance offers a National Points Circuit for any competitor to join.

Some Lions Karate students have expressed an interest and will be participating in this Alliance circuit. We invite ANYONE else wanting to compete more and to push themselves at a higher competitive level to join as well – all competitors from any school.

Please read:
The Alliance offers a point circuit on a State and National level. ALL tournaments will give points to the competitor based on their results – Alliance tournaments will give the competitor full points (Note: ALL 2021 Lions Karate tournaments will be Alliance tournaments), while non-Alliance tournaments (example: Stone Tiger’s tournament in April) will give the competitor 1/2 points towards their year-end total. Results from all tournaments must be to be emailed to This is how we will keep track of points – results not emailed to this email address will not count towards either Point Circuit.

This program is OPTIONAL as there are many pro’s and con’s that come with a point circuit. Students that participate in more tournaments will have a better chance of winning on the State and National level.

If you are interested in joining please see the application form below. These forms will be available at our tournaments or you can also sign up online. Students who are not Alliance members are still able to compete at Lions Tournaments as they always have in the past. We will continue to offer a FUN, FRIENDLY, & FAIR tournament for all competitors.

Good Luck and we look forward to seeing you at our next Lions Karate Tournament! Contact Mr. Hanford with any questions: 574-527-5765 or Mr. Hanford can email you the registration form if you need it emailed to you.

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